I’m back!

After much much much delay, and hundreds of thousands of lines of code, I have returned!

It’s not so much that I’d decided I had a blog that I didn’t care about anymore, but I felt as though if I were to carelessly throw garbage code on here for the sake of populating this site, I’d be a bit of an ass.

Since my last post (whoaaa, apparently over a year ago), I have worked on a CRAZY number of projects.  Greatist.com, WellandGoodNYC.com, BookMarkr, BreatheRepeat.com, eMusic.com, Guyism.com, FindParticipants.com, as well as completing the coursework for my MS and PhD (just a few things going on over here).

And WHILE all of that has been going on, I’ve been working on some BEAUTIFUL AMAZING code, (including my own MVC framework [M and C optional ;)] which will be forthcoming after a few adjustments), so keep your eyes peeled for batches of new code snippets, resources, massive amazing functions, and more!

Much love!

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