About Bennett

I suppose some background information would be good here!

My name is Bennett Stone, and I am pursuing my Masters and PhD (yes concurrently) in Human-Computer Interaction at Iowa State University.

My background began in business; I hold a Bachelors degree in Marketing, and oversee multiple globally based companies in a range of fields (Wreked Records Global, Intelligent Media Distribution, The Lab (Audio Mastering and Post Production Facility), Code & Pixel).  As my business workings began to evolve and shift towards web-based operationalization, the need for more and more complex systems became prevalent, and as such- I’ve honed my skills to focus on advanced PHP based online presences and applications.

Currently, my research focus evaluates preference and impulsivity within global E-Commerce settings, eye tracking methods and usage as it applies to user interface design, usability, and general awesomeness, user interface design, and a plethora of other online-focused research topics and disciplines.

I work as a senior engineer and project manager for Happy Fun Corp, building large-scale web applications, sorting through existing web applications and extending, repairing, or modifying them, and overseeing projects for companies such as the NYSE, eMusic, AMC, Well+Good NYC, and a large number of amazing startups in the New York area.

I am available for limited contract work, though I do not work with flash (in case you were wondering).  If you require assistance with your web project, contact me through the contact page.