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ExpressionEngine Vs. WordPress

Expressionengine VS Wordpress

Update: detailed instructions and a full script for migrating from EE to WP may now be found here. For nine months now, I’ve been working with ExpressionEngine (EE) for one of my employers websites. ¬†Originally, I was very hesitant to make the dive into yet another content management system, and after 9 months- my hesitation was certainly merited! Expressionengine doesn’t specify that it lacks necessary functionality, it just makes it impossible to do whatever it […]


The PHP Time Ago Function

It’s often handy to refer to Gmail’s “00:00 (4 minutes ago)” example as an additional feature of usability for web users. ¬†By creating an effective time-ago function using PHP, we can effectively format most MySQL dates, datetime, and timestamp entries into an easier to read and comprehend “Sometime ago” outputs. Besides, who really wants to have to read a date anymore?! Accepted MySQL Dates As MySQL is capable of storing dates and datetimes in a […]