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Download Files with PHP (From a List)

Ever have one of those days where you get a new codebase on your desk, but realize that you’re missing ALL THE IMAGES?  (face slap). I’ve had plenty of those, and here’s how to stop slapping yourself and just use PHP to download files from a list in a text file! The Directory Structure Easy enough, but just to be safe, the following is the directory structure used for this: process.php attachment.txt files/ Process.php The […]


Retrieving Facebook Open Graph Data with PHP

Ever wonder, “Huh, I have a company page on facebook, but DAMN it’s lame to have to login to se the stats”?  I did, and as always- let’s grab some data with PHP! CODE! At the core of nearly anything you want to do with the facebook open graph is this url: or id) And really, this doesn’t get a whole lot longer for the basics, we just need to use file_get_contents and json_decode […]