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Updated MySQLi Database Class

Since I posted my mysqli database class originally on February 18th, I’ve gotten some great feedback, and A LOT of downloads, which is amazing! As a side note, I recommend always grabbing this class from the github repo at I’ve also been using my own class on a large number of websites, and through the course of normal usage, and user feedback, I have made some changes… The error reporting has been enhanced to […]


Custom PHP MySQLi Database Class

Updated class files (documentation remains the same) with better error handling and full OOP class structure can be found here. Since the depreciation of the mysql functions in PHP (archive here), I thought it may be handy to more effectively future-proof my web applications by wrapping my database interactivity functions in a class (and oh how it is!), and as I was building a new web framework anyway- I figured why not! Unrelated: featured image […]