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MagicMin Version 3 Available!

Minifying CSS and Javascript just got way more awesome with MagicMin 3.0.0! Along with better directory path support for windows machines, V3 includes the ability to output merged/minified files with unique hashed filenames for better caching support


WordPress Syntax Highlighters, and how to Switch From One to Another

If you’ve been to this site before,  you’ll probably notice that I’ve switched from the syntax highlighter that I’d used to display code to something a ton cleaner (the credit does not go to me, the new syntax highlighting plugin came from this TutsPlus article). Until a few hours ago, I used SyntaxHighlighter Evolved, which looked great, and was super easy to use, however, there were some issues with using it on a website displaying code that people […]


Updated MySQLi Database Class

Since I posted my mysqli database class originally on February 18th, I’ve gotten some great feedback, and A LOT of downloads, which is amazing! As a side note, I recommend always grabbing this class from the github repo at I’ve also been using my own class on a large number of websites, and through the course of normal usage, and user feedback, I have made some changes… The error reporting has been enhanced to […]


Using PHP to Replace Special Characters with their Equivalents

PHP Character Replacement

After having just completed an extensive text file parsing script, I discovered something very very very annoying.  A small army of Microsoft Word inspired characters had invaded the imported plain text files (courtesy a number of citation management softwares and websites), causing text to have all sorts of ‘fun’ symbols sprucing things up. For example “Tâ��ms” => “Teams”, but with that extra something added in for visual highlight (or something). So what was a programmer […]


How to Import an ExpressionEngine Blog into WordPress

EE to WP

I’m sure by now that most of you have seen my post on how I feel about ExpressionEngine (here), so this post is a natural follower!  Today, we’re going to talk about migrating your content from ExpressionEngine to WordPress. I spent quite a bit of time working through EE’s poorly detailed instructions on how to export entries before I decided to just get my hands dirty.  Mind you, this post is only applicable to you […]