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Helpful MySQL Query Functions and Tips

In case you’re wondering, I don’t just spend a couple hours a week throwing random bits of code onto this blog- I spend anywhere between 60- 100 hours per week making code my bitch. But thousands of hours and millions of lines of code later, I’m still occasionally stuck trying to remember a query (but then again when you’ve got most of the MySQL manual embedded in your brain, the info becomes hard to sort […]


MySQL Query Results From Date Range

MySQL Database Table

It’s often unnecessary to select EVERYTHING from the beginning of your database table when performing queries, and depending on how much information your database contains- you’re likely displaying more results than anyone cares about! But alas, there is a better way! The following queries are very straighforward, specifying that the query should scan your database table date field (‘date_field’) for results that are greater than, or equal to the current date and time (‘NOW()’), and […]


Setting up a localhost PHP development environment


Before getting too far into posting tips and tricks for some of the more advanced functions and operations that can be completed using PHP, I thought it may be helpful to provide a bit of instruction on how to set up a simple, quick, easy localhost development environment for testing. Preliminary disclosure: I am a Macintosh user, so instructions provided for setup on Windows are from third parties! Using Macintosh: For this setup, we’ll be using […]